Cloud portals

Most interesting clouds pictures!

Star writes, "Hi guys, my uncle sent me this pic and I thought I would share it with you all. I'm not sure of it's origin but isn't it awesome!" :)  Update: viewers have written and have informed us that these pictures are actually still shots taken from a French movie called "Amélie". 

Here's another photo from the movie


Lurah writes, "This photo was taken by my father of a stormy sky in southern California a few years ago.
He sent me several pictures of the storm and the rainbow after it.   I had this picture for quite awhile and then one day I was looking at it and noticed a face in the clouds/sky.  It is very clearly that of a man and is very easy to see."

Hello, I finally got a scanner to send you this, my son who is now almost 6 always said while he was little that God was waving at him.  When he was 3 and using the camera taking pictures of whatever he wanted, I did not know this was something he took until I almost threw it out at the store, then I grabbed it back.  The clouds are obviously a very large hand, you can see clearly where the palm starts also, then look in the upper left hand corner there is a face, mainly eye holes, and a facial structure.  I thought it was very creepy and wonder why we ended up with a picture like this.  I really love your website also.  Thanks for the hours of entertainment!

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