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Here are the answers to 19 of the tough questions that Ghoststudy members asked Echo Bodine on  Halloween 2000

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......As a special Halloween treat for all of us, Echo Bodine had graciously agreed to answer some of your tough questions regarding ghosts and ghost busting! This was our chance to ask questions to someone that sees and talks to ghosts on a regular basis! We limited this to 19 questions and her answers to these are below.

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Here are the answers to 19 of the questions asked:

1. What is you stance on exorcism? deebeaux@csd.net

I believe negative souls can possess us and I also believe they can be exorcised by a competent shaman or healer of some type ( includes the clergy). I have only done about four depossessions myself. It's interesting work!

2. There are specific meters that are used for detecting ghosts, are these really useful for a ghost hunter? Anomalous 

For the ghost hunters that can't see them, these meters can be helpful.

3. Hi, Echo. I heard you for the first time on Coast to Coast AM. You were great! This is my question: Why are ghosts selective about who they interact or reveal themselves to? WoodardDragoon@aol.com

Ghosts are not selective about who sees them or who they interact with. They'll interact with or appear to anyone that can see or hear them.

4. What is the best approach when you first contact ghosts? What is the best way to communicate with spirits? What is the best way to help spirits/ghosts? -Wendy (Gwendolyn)  haverw@ci.greeley.co.us 

Hello Wendy: Best approach is to not act afraid and talk to them as you would any intruder in a home. We always talk to them out loud. The best thing to do for them is to tell them firmly to go to the white light. Some are disoriented and aren't sure what to do. You need to sound like you really mean it, rather than act scared, cause if you act scared, they turn it into a game. They are usually immature souls, and often get a kick out of scaring people. Usually if you put your foot down, sound firm, and tell them to move on to the light, they will go. If you waver, they will too.

5. Just how do Ghosts communicate with us?" Please tell the details of how to do it! "Why do they do it so infrequently?" And, "Why don't they clarify their partial messages to us?" Thank you! David Tallman A.K.A. "Dinky Dave" mtallman@ncn.net   

Hello David: First of all, ghosts are the souls of deceased people. They are made up of energy that is not easily seen by the human eye. Once they leave the body, their energy is of a different vibration or frequency, which is very light. We re used to the heavier energy here on Earth and used to hearing a clear audible communication when we humans speak to each other. Spirits/souls/ ghosts communicate by thinking. They send thoughts. It's such a light vibration that even when communications is going on from the deceased, most of us are not aware of it. Souls are always trying to communicate to us. Receiving those messages has a lot to do with; our state of mind at the time, our ability to hear clairaudiently, our beliefs, how relaxed we are, etc. They think in full messages and its us that receives them partially, depending upon our ability to hear.

6. When you deal with a spirit we often advise people to protect themselves with a prayer (white light, sage, candles, etc) from whatever religion they follow. Why do we never consider the religion of the spirit? If it is a spirit of a person that was Jewish in life, why would a catholic blessing work? conniesplace@juno.com 

Hello Connie: Telling a person to light white candles, say certain prayers or wear a crucifix is for their benefit, and does not have much of an impact on a ghost. Most ghosts could care less about these things. Sage clears a place of negative thought forms or feelings, but does not get rid of spirits. I've seen ghosts leave a room filled with sage smoke, only to return when the smoke has cleared out.

7. I was wondering, when you "sense" the presence of a ghost - are they most likely in orb-form or are they already an apparition-form by this time? rookie7m4@uswest.net  

I see them as a formed person, but in photographs, they often appear as orbs

8. Do you have any options on whether spirits who were mentally ill when they were in human form carry mental illness into the spirit realm? If so have you had any personal experience with such a spirit or ghost? Thank you! Jae Emery   jaebird@austin.rr.com   

Yes, I've met some ghosts who suffered from mental illness when they were living and yes, it can carry over into death. If you sense you have such a ghost, or are worried about someone you know who has passed and suffered from mental illness, be sure to say their name out loud and tell them to look for the white light and go to the light. They will be taken care of when they get into the light.

9. I would like to know if you could give a list of some signs that would give a person a reason to believe their home was haunted. These would be for individuals who believe they had little or no psychic abilities. Thank you, Linda LWhite6701@aol.com  

There is a very detailed list in my book, Relax, It's only a Ghost, but the most common symptoms are knocking sounds on wall, hearing footsteps, lights, TV. and radios being played with. Also hearing voices and seeing a floaty apparition.

10. Hello, Echo, I'd like to thank you for spending time with us here! Welcome! My question is one I've posted on the message board, but haven't received any replies to yet. Here it is: Why are most orbs whitish, but then a few appear colored? Why the discrepancy? Thank you so much for your time, and Happy Halloween! Jackie (Darkangel) darkangel@kfogmail.com  

Well Jackie, this is a guess, but I think its pretty accurate. I think the colors have to do with the spirits aura and what color it is. You might want to pick up a reputable book on aura's to see what the colors mean.

11. Are ghosts capable of making people sick or able to cause their deaths on purpose? Thanks, Bruce brubec@webtv.net 

Hello Bruce: After all that I've seen over the years,  I wouldn't rule out anything anymore. I guess these things are possible but let me say in the 35 years I've been dealing with ghosts, I've never met any that caused someone's death. I have met some that take energy from the people that live in the house which runs down their immune system and that can cause sickness.

12. Can a ghost...or do ghosts sometimes take over a person's body so it can feel the act of sex or enjoy the taste of food, etc.? Thanks..Bruce brubec@webtv.net 

Yes, Bruce. It's most common in souls that died from alcoholism or drug addiction. They will inhabit alcoholic or drug addicted bodies to get that high again.

13. Can ghost travel using phone lines?.....Thanks, Bruce brubec@webtv.net 

Not sure what the question means. Sorry

14. Hello , my name is Lisa schrecengost , I have always played with Ouija boards... last June a friend of mine and I were talking on the Ouija board and had a very miraculous experience... it said it was an angel and was here to help me.... which to this day I fully believe that was the case... she said she was channeling through my friend....she ordered that we break the Ouija board and purchase an angel board in which that time I did not even know what an angel board was... I finally located one online, bought it and continued talking to her... she helped my life a lot... my friend has since moved so I have had no contact with her until recently my 10 year old son and I pulled out the angel board and away the plachette went! Stronger than ever!!!! Very scary... IT claims to be another angel but it is very very different from the one that my friend and I would talk to. This one swears and says that it is channeling through my son and it always says.. " Alex isn't here" Alex is my son.. to get on with the story... I don't know if you are believing any of this but it is actually a MUST SEE... we were talking to it the other night.... it swore so I yelled at it... it said I was mean and made it cry... it continually kept on spelling CRY CRY CRY CRY CRY realllllly fast... next thing I know.. my son is crying hysterically.. I asked him why and he said I don't know...ok... so now there have been many  things going on in my house voices.... noises... items disappearing and so forth..... I need some help here. I don't know if my son could possibly be possessed or if the thing just decided to move in... but it is bad.. I don't know if you deal with things like this and it is a hard thing to tell friends about, they think I am nuts! Please if you can help me at all please respond. thank you. Mrs. Schrecengost. Hottychik@aol.com  

Dear Lisa, I'm glad you asked this question, because this whole business of playing with the Ouija Board is very dangerous if people don't know what they're doing. Most people buy them to play with and be entertained, but these earth bound spirits love to freak people out and they usually will do so through the Board. No matter if it's a Ouija or Angel Board, unless you can hear and see spirit, you don't know who is coming through. Perhaps you did have an Angel during the first encounter, but that is not that common. I've never met an Angel that works through one of those boards, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen. My experience with the board is limited but it was frightening enough, so that I quit using it. I would strongly suggest you get a copy of my book, Relax, It's Only a Ghost and read and carry through on the step by step instructions of how to get rid of a ghost. I'm in the process of putting together a "ghostbusting kit" that will help people get rid of any entity in their home, but it won't be available for at least two weeks. You can order this on the website at Echobodine.com. I want you to throw away the Angel Board (preferably burn it). Then I want you to walk through your house and demand that all earth bound spirits get out of your house now. I want you to call in the Squadron, which is a group of former ghosts, who will come and clear your house out of negative spirits. Then, do not talk about the spirits while in the house for at least three days. Let them be on the other side for awhile. Next, I want you to ask for a real Angel to come to your home and surround it in white light, seal up the borders of the house with white light so that no more intruders will come in. Then I want you to get some sage and burn it. I want you to run the smoke up and down your son and ask that he be cleared of any negative energy NOW. Children are very vulnerable and shouldn't be playing with any of these kinds of boards. They don't need to be open to this kind of energy. Remember Lisa, not to act afraid. Put your foot down and demand that any un-welcomed earth bound spirits in your home leave NOW. That should do it!

These last five questions were asked by purnamajoe@earthlink.com

Dear Joseph: Most of these questions are answered in my book, Relax, It's only a Ghost  but I'll answer some of them for you here.

15)  I've always been curious to know are: 1) when and if ectoplasm, or other forms of energy manifest itself to human form.

I can't answer you about the ectoplasm, because I've never worked with it.

16) If two persons at the same time witness a visible presence, do they see the same or differently than the other?

Yes, they will usually both see the same thing. Maybe a little variance, but not much.

17) Why do ghosts remain in the living world and not pass on into the spectral realm? 

Their reasons for staying here vary, but the two most common reasons are:1) They are afraid they will be sent to hell for some things they did wrong in their life. 2) They don't want to run into someone in Heaven that they don't like. There are more reasons listed in the book.

18) Do the deceased know they have been departed from the living?  

Most of the deceased know they are deceased, but once in a while we've found one that doesn't know.

19) And one other thing, how does one become a paranormal investigator?  

My brother and I got into it because we can hear and see spirits and we just kind of fell into it. Many people get into it in a variety of ways. Wish I could be more specific, but I'm not sure how other people get into it. Hope this helps. Echo Bodine

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