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Roldan writes, taken by - a friend who wishes to remain anonymous.  /  Camera - Android Phone / Weather – Overcast  /  Date - March 16, 2012  /  Time - 9am.  /  Reason - Wanted to shoot a picture of the trees reflecting off of the side of a glass building. The overcast day made the picture interesting. The ghost image was not seen when the photo was taken. Only after reviewing the picture later, the image was noticed. Location - Simon Med Imaging. 225 W. Hospitality Lane, San Bernardino, Ca 92408. The Imaging Center is on the first floor and is a Radiology Medical Clinic. We showed the office workers this image and emailed them a copy. They state that they knew the office was haunted because of odd events over the past year. I could not believe this photo when I first saw it. However the person who took it did not alter it in anyway. I met the person at the location and took repeated photos from the same vantage point without success. What I see is a face of a woman in agony. She is covered in a white shawl. Behind her right shoulder are images of other ghosts as if they are in a line. What's interesting is the round ring of reddish white light which looks like some sort of energy. The color of the light is much different from the grayish tones of the shot. My friend and I give our permission to post the photo.
  GhostStudy Comments:
  Ken at Ghoststudy replied to the sender on May 30, 2012. Ken wrote; My first impression was that it was an enhanced photo-shopped image. You’re saying that it is not??

Roldan replied back with the following, "This picture was not retouched. It was taken by my father-in-law's caretaker on his Android phone. He took the photo just 15 minutes before I arrived at the radiology office to meet them. He texted me the photo which I then emailed to you. The caretaker is a quiet, conservative person who we had employed for over a year. Since this incident, he has not seen had any photos with this images taken with his camera phone. Let me know if you have further questions." Thanks, Roldan

Ken's concluding thoughts are this. If this is indeed an authentic ghost photo, then one must consider the possibility that a message is being broadcast. And we must also consider that the spirit/s is most likely in front of the camera and not spread 40 feet tall and across the building. So our conclusion is that there is at least one spirit and she/they are very disturbed emotionally. And then consider that she, is most likely (in reality), about 20 feet in front of the camera and is normal human size. It's an amazing photo to behold and very much worth our consideration.

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