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Danielle writes, I thought I would share this. Especially since I have only seen one other paranormal George Washington photo.. Both were taken 4 years apart at separate locations. Also, the girl in the second picture is me, to the left is the slave women that I circled.

  Apparently this is a jacket that George Washington personally wore
  Close-up of the ghost image... fairly clear at that!
  Original photo with slave girl image in the background
  GhostStudy Comments:
  Danielle's photo was taken of a glass or plastic case displaying George Washington's original clothing from that time period. There is glare and smudges, but it's interesting to note that the image of a person is so vivid. That being displayed on or within the case. The image/person looks much more like a ghost than a reflection of a bystander. Not sure what it would signify, but Danielle seems to suggest that it is George Washington himself! It's a fascinating capture, especially considering the fact that it was taken of George Washington's jacket in a museum. Included here is a picture I found on the web for comparison.

The second photo that Danielle includes is one she mentions might be a slave girl from that same period of time. But we can't rule out the possibility of it being a "period actor" dressed in the garb of that time period. So we can't make a determination regarding this photo... cool though

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   Just for fun... but could very well be a true ghost pic  :)

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