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Hi I took this picture on a jack the ripper walk in London about 2 years ago. In the foreground you can see a black figure. Looks to me like an old fashioned nurse because of the cape and bonnet on the head. This figure was not there when I took this picture. The weird thing is I collect olde pub signs and I have one of the dirty dick pub and the figure with the cape  and bonnet is on the pub sign, but shows all the detail of her and her dress. Not black like the photo.  I include the photo of my olde pub sign of the dirty dick pub in London. It is a real pub and it is really called that. Please note that the figure on the left with the bonnet and cape looks similar to the black shape in the photo I took.

There is some dispute concerning how many victims Jack The Ripper claimed. Some believe that he killed only four prostitutes during his spree, while others think that he may have killed as many as nine. It is generally accepted that there were five victims.

Profiles of 27 different men suspected at the time or later in history as being Jack The Ripper. Some profiles are still being developed. But Jack was never caught.    _Charles Montaldoeveloped

  Sign showing a lady from that period
  GhostStudy Comments:
  Night photos can create similar effects when a living person is in rapid motion, so we can't rule that out. But we found it interesting that this image was captured on a Jack the Ripper walk in London. And she appears to be wearing a dress from that period. Kind of eerie if you think about the it. Maybe even playing back a period in time caught on film?

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