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House location: 22nd and H Street, Sacramento, CA

The picture below was taken during a team investigation in Sacramento, CA. Jim has kept the images of this 'strange form' tucked away for several years. But recently, a similar image was submitted to him that rekindled thoughts of his own photo capture. He is now ready to share that image with you. Three separate images of this proposed specter were actually taken that day but only one is currently available. Jim is franticly reviewing several memory cards in an attempt to retrieve the remaining two. The other two pictures show the same specter in two separate locations on the front porch. It's like it was saying, "here I am, get pictures while you can!". Jim feels like if he can just produce the remaining two captures of this occurrence, it will help to rule out possible explainable photo anomalies such as light, glare or flare. The house in Sacramento is known to be haunted and has been sitting vacant for at least 20 years that we know of. Many of the neighbor's and locals have shared many fascinating stories about this house and what they have witnessed, including Jim!
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This ghostly image has the appearance of having a tan head and hands. It also seems to be a woman in a dress with Her hands pointing up

  The actual house where Jim took the picture

Crowds gather often at this long vacant house in Sacramento. And most of the neighbors have a chilling ghost story to tell concerning it!
  Another view of the haunted house
  GhostStudy Comments:
  As mentioned above, we know that other explainable factors must be taken into consideration. Things like glare, lens flare, sun flare, reflection etc. But none of these effects quite match up with what we are seeing here. Jim is still going through thousands of photos for the other remaining two missing images. As mentioned there were three photos capturing this strange form in separate areas of the porch. And that will be another way to rule out explainable factors. When Jim finds those additional pics, he will post them here as well. This house in Sacramento at 22nd and H street is known to be haunted and is still vacant and fully furnished. It's like the owners are allowing the ghosts to have the house. The present value of the home is estimated to be 1.1 million dollars.

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