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  Warehouse Ghost Girl!

Melissa writes, A friend of mine was telling me the other day that there's a guy out at his work that is always drinking on the job and always passes out at work. Well the other day while at work, they see the guy asleep on the fork lift. So someone decides to take a picture of him. And attached is the picture that was taken. If you look a little to the left of the guys head and zoom in the background u will see a young girl wearing a white dress with white socks and her hands are to her side.

See Viewer Comments below... It appears to be a Cell Phone App!

We are no longer counting this capture as real or authentic


Submitted by: melissa ramsey
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fork lift driver drunk ghost girl spirit    Ghostly looking figure of a girl in a white dress
fork lift driver drunk ghost girl spirit    Close-up of Ghost Girl and the sleeping driver.

fork lift driver drunk ghost girl spirit    Extreme close up. Unfortunately it's heavily pixelated at this size.
GhostStudy Editor's Comments:
This young ladies apparel doesn't quite seem to meet warehouse standards. So this out-of-place girl definitely has our consideration. Unfortunately though, the picture we received was very small and didn't enlarge well. Thus, making this ghost girl rather fuzzy. So we'll just have to settle for what we have here, which is still pretty cool. And as usual, we can't completely rule out a cell phone ghost app. But I'm sure the viewers will tell us right away if that's the case.

The big question now is, how does this drinking, snoozing forklift driver keep his job? :))

  Viewer Comments    

Lorac61469 writes, I'm 99.9% sure the Warehouse ghost is a cell phone App. I will download the app and recreate it for you to see. Okay, I removed the ghost girl from the picture and replaced it with the ghost app version. It seems to be an exact match other than the gallery version is Fuzzy. The cellphone App program is called: "Ghost Pic"
Lorac61469 (from the Community Forums).


See Photos below...



GhostStudy Comments - Thank you Lorac61469... good catch!
They appear to have blurred the girl image before submitting to us!


Lorac replaced the image with the App Version

Features and images of the "Ghost Pic" program


Here's the original photo that was sent to us with blurry ghost girl

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Posted: July 2015
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