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  Spooky Figure on Shuttle!  
  This picture was taken by Daniel of his cousin Craig on a night shuttle back to their hotel from the Grand Prix. The cousins were alone on that part of the shuttle when Daniel took the photo. Craig says he did not see the photo until his cousin sent him a copy. Thatís when it became a reality that there was a spooky figure of a woman reflected in the window that night! Daniel assured his cousin that he did not mess with the photo at all. For clarity, Daniel took the photo sitting down with his hand raised to take the picture. The flash from the camera can be seen in the picture.

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Submitted by:
Bob Baker
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eerie picture ghostly woman figure hovering reflection shuttle bus    Original photo as it we was distributed.

Reflection of spooky ghost figure in window.

Craig is trying
to sleep and Looking very uncomfortable.
ghostly figure woman cousins shuttle errie spooky    Cropped and enhanced for a better view

It almost looks as if she is trying to figure out what Daniel is holding up in his hand. Then bam, the flash goes off and the evidence is recorded.
    Craig and his cousin Daniel
GhostStudy Editor's Comments:
I'm not completely convinced that the figure is a reflection. But if not, then we must assume it's outside looking in. Either way, very creepy!

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Here's one we posted in 2009...
shadow ghost spooky evil scary   

This is a picture from the Allen County Tuberculosis Hospital in Ohio. The other photos contained no evidence of a black figure or any ghostly activity.

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Posted: July 2015
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