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This was on the hood of one of our state cars in the parking lot after several hours, when the dew fell, all cars were covered except this one. The dew only fell on one spot on the entire car creating this formation. Now no one wants to drive this car on transportation trips. The car belongs to Little Sandy Correctional Complex in Elliot County Kentucky. do you have any explanation for this occurrence. In the days past this has not appeared again on any cars.

Read the dialog that we had with Brian concerning this photo. See GhostStudy comments below for all those details.

Owner/submitter: Brian
  Creepy demon face on car 
  Devilish image in the form of dew on the car
  demon face appears on hood of car 
  An example of early morning dew on a car
  GhostStudy Comments:

Here's additional questions that GhostStudy asked concerning this photo...


Would you happen to have any pictures of the other cars in the parking lot that day?


I guess, in my opinion, it would most likely have one of three explanations. Either supernatural, photo manipulation or someone wiped off all the dew accept in that one area of the car, thus creating that image as a prank. Do you know the person that took the photo?




Brian write's back with this:

Yes the pictures were taken by Lieutenant Black and Officer Lewis and there are 24 hour camera footage which we reviewed and no person ever went near the cars. Also there is a entry post officer 15 feet away and she said no one went near that area of the parking lot. The entire car was bone dry front to back. The image was the only area that collected dew; all other state cars were completely covered with dew. The officer which was relieved that night who had worked entry post walked by and saw the image as she was leaving to go to her car, she radioed us to come over and see it because she was scared to death. My thought is, there will be something tragic happen in that car, just my feeling. If you have any other questions, just let me know and I will be glad to help. 

Lt. B. Swint - LSCC

GhostStudy Conclusions

We personally don't believe the car was marked for supernatural terrorism. But we're not ruling out a supernatural prank. If everything Lt. B. Swint says is true, then our opinion would have to be that this was caused by supernatural means. Your opinions are most welcome.

Viewer Comment
Are all the other cars the same brand/model? Because sometimes the shape of the hood and the warmth of the motor (which saves heat for quite a while, even over night sometimes) makes dew stick on one spot,but not on another one creating some weird shapes (and the wind helps too - I mean it depends on where the car is parked, so it could be standing in the wind while the others are kinda protected by nearby trees or walls or vice versa not protected while the affected car was). I could watch this effect on my own car as well (juts not in this "demonic" shape).So I don't think this is something supernatural.
Greetings from Germany, Tuelpchen

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