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Angelic Forces at work!

Lisa writes, Recently I was on a city tour with my husband. We decided to take some photos of the trees with the lights. After we got home and viewed the photos, we found these glowing human images next to the trees. We zoomed in and cropped this particular photo because of what looks like glowing people! But there were no people there when we took the photo. Also I asked someone who lives there and she said there are no lights what-so-ever on the ground there. So we are hoping for conformation as to what we may have caught on film. I am attaching the original and the zoomed in photo. They were taken with my iPhone5 without the use of a flash. 

See Ghoststudy comments below!

Owner/submitter: Lisa McAtamney
  ghosts in park many ghosts 
  At least 5 glowing figures in the park
  many ghosts in park ghost 
  Un-cropped photo
  day time no ghosts 
  Same section of the park in the daytime. (not same time of year)
  angels in the park spirits ghosts
  Super extreme close-up for a much better view!
  GhostStudy Comments:
Upon careful consideration of this photo, I think I will conclude that a light source can pretty much be ruled out. In other words, the figures seem to be generating their own source of light. So a conclusion would either have to be photo manipulation or an actual supernatural occurrence caught on film. And if the later is the case we may just be viewing angelic beings about their own majestic business.

Upon further correspondence with Lisa, I learned that the photo was taken in Melbourne, Australia. And they were in a carriage tour pulled by horses. And I also asked if this was taken at Christmas and the reply was, "it was taken in July of this year (2013)".

Update: It was brought to my attention that carriages can have glass windows...who knew. :) And with some research on my part, I found that some carriages in Melbourne, Australia do actually have glass windows for protection from the elements. So I feel curtain that the signs of glare and reflection that many of you have voiced are most certainly caused from glass. That would include all the light balls and the strange images in the road. However, I am still seeing the glowing human figures as suspect of the supernatural. In my opinion, it would be quite a feat to see these particular images produced as a reflection from something in the car. If anyone has a theory on what could have created them as a reflection or glare please email us here at GhostStudy. But for now, we are leaning towards the supernatural.

From a search of the web, I believe the park is called Carlton Gardens in Melbourne, Australia. So if you are in that part of the world. You might want to take a few pictures at night. And if you capture something interesting, let us know!  :)

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