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Impressive Fire Entity!

Alicia writes, I hope you can give us some direction as to what this strange image in the fire might be. To us it looks demonic. I took this photo with my cell phone camera 2 years ago. It was at a controlled bonfire at a small pub in the village of Langworth, just outside of Lincoln. I took 3 photos one of the bonfire and 2 of my children with the bonfire in the background. This one stuck out to me immediately as I viewed the photo. I have shown a few friends and I have mostly been told to delete it immediately! I am very intrigued with the photo and I would be most interested in knowing what this might mean. Any help from you or even your viewers would be much appreciated. 

See GhostStudy comments down below!

Owner/submitter: Alicia Coldron
  ghost demon in the fire 
  Human image appearing in the fire
  ghost demon in the fire 
  GhostStudy Comments:
  We agree with Alicia, the photo is intriguing!
The figure, in all actuality seems to have all the attributes of a fully functional entity. I know, I know, fire images can be like images in clouds, right? But when we here at GhostStudy see this much detail, we are willing to publish the photo for your consideration. In the photo we're seeing clear dark eyes, a mouth with lips, sleek body, two arms, hair and even a confident expression on his face. Cool capture!

Is it a true entity caught on film? We can't say for sure... but it's worth considering.
The below photo is a human fire figure we posted in March 2009. We include it purely for comparison. 

ghost in fire side of road

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