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Extraordinary Photo from Octagon Hall!

This picture was taken by a lady standing next to me on an over night tour of the Octagon hall in Franklin, Ky. The picture is now framed in the little girl's room. This civil war house is considered one of the most haunted in Kentucky, if not the entire United States. The room was dark and the lady took this picture in the early morning hours of December. A set of new dolls were brought and placed on the little girl's bed as an attempt to attract her attention - her name (in life) was Mary Elizabeth Caldwell. She died in a tragic kitchen accident when her dress caught on fire. It happened over 100 years ago.

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Owner/submitter: Allison
  bedroom doll ghost spirit haunted inn 
  Photo cature taken in the bedroom of Mary Elizabeth
  haunted Inn visiting ghost spirit haunted 
  Here's what the room actually looks like. The girl you see is a doll
  GhostStudy Comments:
  We talked to the director (Bill Byrd) of Octagon Hall and he assured us that the photo does indeed exist and that it hangs on the wall in the very room where it was captured on film. He describes it as angelic, at least in appearance. But it's actually thought to me the spirit of Mary Elizabeth herself who died in that house at an early age. There are no glass partitions like there are in some museums, so glass anomalies are not an issue. The only other possibility would be something up close to the lens at the time of the snap, a bug would even be a consideration. But the characteristic's of an insect don't really match up, in my opinion. The position of the figure appears to be as a human and the arms are in the position of a human's as well, and not of a bug.

So, if we are then considering this to be a true visitation, We have to also consider the fact that she liked the offering of new dolls enough to make an appearance.  :)

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