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It's over her right shoulder!

My daughter Lauren from Tulsa, Oklahoma went to stay the night at a new friendís house in Berryhill Oklahoma and took this self-picture. It was a front snap shot picture, no mirror or anything to reflect. Looks like a manís face to the left. And her friend was sitting on the bed to the right of the picture. We are about to enlist the help of a medium who is a distant relative to help explain this strange appearance in the picture. My daughter took this photo with a Galaxy III cell phone. It might be relevant to mention that 3 family members have pasted away in the last year. Her grandfather being one that died last October 29th, 2012.

See GhostStudy comments down below!

Owner/submitter: Karisa
  ghost face next to girl! 
  Uninvited guest looking over her shoulder
  ghost spirit face next to girl 
  GhostStudy Comments:
  I doubt that it's a relative of Lauren's, especially since she's at her friends house and not at home. The odds would be greater that her friends house is haunted and the resident ghost just happens to be checking out the the fresh new visitor. So I think the big question should be, did anyone ask if the the friends house was haunted? Or anything going on there that can't really be explained?

As usual we can't completely rule out a ghost app or manipulation but it's a creepy photo and definitely worthy of our consideration.

The photo below was pulled from our archives. It displays a creepy face of sorts behind the baby!.

Another photo with a face over the right shoulder

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