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Joanne writes, I recently stayed a the Queen Anne Hotel in San Francisco for my honeymoon.  I believe I captured a child like ghost in the photo attached.  I couldn't see it with my eyes but my IPhone kept recognizing it as an object so I clicked.  This is what I found in the photo!  I checked back the next day at the same time an it was gone.   

See GhostStudy comments down below!

Owner/submitter: Joanne
  Appears to be the spirit of a toddler at the piano
  Full-size photo as it was sent to us
  Close-up and enhanced a bit for better clarity
  GhostStudy Comments:

Just to see how Joanne would react, I asked her if it was photo-shopped. Her response was... "What? This is a real image. I'm confused ?" I then responded that I was just testing her and that we were considering the photo for publication on GhostStudy. And here's her response:

"LOL  I was thinking hey!  I'm not open to ghosts or spirits but that photo made me not sleep for 4 days in that hotel on my honeymoon!  I swear to g-- it's real! The hotel owner even asked me for a copy!  FREAKED ME OUT!  And I am still freaked out about it."

Staff comments: If there is anything I know about kids, it's that they can't resist a piano, and that seems especially true here. I see the boys attire as blue jeans/shorts and a shirt with vertical lines. And if it is indeed a ghost boy, then it would be the one place in the hotel where I would suspect to find him.

We however, cannot completely rule out the light source (window/s) and a shinny piano as a possible cause, thus creating an illusion of a boy.

Viewer Comments

I believe it to be a spot on camera and if you look good at the piano where it looks like there might be a head, it's actually that the face on that piano is curved in the way the light hits it gives it that affect. The same thing is going on where the arm is showing, light shining on the curvature of that bottom rail, so light, camera, smudge!  -Mark

Queen Anne Hotel in San Francisco
-Source location of photo

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