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This is a picture I took on an investigation at a local cemetery and school in our town, during the investigation you could defiantly tell that we were not alone. I took the photo and this is what came out. The large face at the right is very easy to see and detailed. This photo has not been enhanced or manipulated in any way other than to make it into a negative.


See GhostStudy comments down below!

Owner/submitter: David
ghostly mist form of a ghost spirit 
  Mist captured at a cemetery - but not just any 'ol mist
  ghost face in mist cemetery spirit 
  Turning it into a negative changes everything!
  Extreme enlargement 
  GhostStudy Comments:
We found this in our files from the year 2009. So we may have actually posted it 4 years ago. But in our opinion, it's worth posting again. The mist we are looking at is not breath. And we can't see it being smoke either. So if we consider what David is sharing with us... He captured this mist on film in a cemetery. And when he tried enhancing it as a negative for better clarity, and the face became evident! So if you ever want to test this yourself, use the above photo and post it into any photo editor and then click on the 'negative' option. And if on your ghost hunting trips, you happen to capture a similar type of mist, try it on that picture as well!

As always, we can't completely rule out photo manipulation. I suppose it's possible to add a face to a negative image, then blend and feather until the face matches well with the mist of the original (positive) photo. Then in theory you might be able to create something similar.

.face in mist ghost cemetery
Another example of "face in the mist"
This one however has the color and consistency of breath

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