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This was taken in Fort Walton beach Florida at my friends apartment. The only people there at the time were my friend sitting on the other side of me and my boyfriend who was standing in front of me. I took multiple pictures with my straight talk Android. But this was the only one where this creepy image of a man showed up. I feel like he's been following me for awhile now. And with this picture, I now seem to have evidence of it.

See GhostStudy comments down below!

Owner/submitter: Jordan
ghost behind girl stalker spirit 
  This is what showed up behind her that night
  behind girl evil spirit ghost in room 
  GhostStudy Comments:
  When I first heard from Jordan, I had initially rejected this photo. I told her that there was simply not enough detail of the "stalker" image to differentiate it from a living person (creepy living person at that!). However, after forwarding it to the team, they felt differently on the matter. They actually felt that it would be an injustice not to publish the photo! That based on the high probability of this actually being a stalker ghost caught on film. So after reconsidering, I found myself agreeing with them.

So I contacted Jordan again with some questions. First of all, I asked if she had been involved in anything that may have attracted an entity to her in the last year...Ouija Boards, etc.?

Here's her answer:
My family is very spiritual so I have used a Ouija board and tried talking to spirits by going to haunted places. Also Ft Walton beach Florida was built on an Indian burial ground if that makes a difference."
-Not sure how she meant spiritual?-

So there you have it. We wish the entity/ghost image in question was more clear and defined, but it is what it is. Feel free to share your feelings on this photo by clicking here. And be sure to read the article below.

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ghost behind her
Artist's rendition of a ghost stalking a young lady

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