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Photos Presented here are just to WEIRD for the Ghost Gallery!


Ghost Reflection in Sunglasses!
Maybe ghosts can actually show up in sunglass reflection!

Sarah writes, Hi, this is a pic of me and my daughter with a strange figure dressed in white in the reflection of my glasses. If you zoom in, you can also see a sinister dark face in the right side of the same lens.

GhostStudy asked if there was anything there like a fence or structure to lean on. The reply: We were in the middle of the woods there were no fences. It was just bushes trees and general woodland. Sarah also added, there was Definitely no one else in front of us at the time my partner and son were off behind us walking through the woods. Was anyone wearing light colored clothing? None of us were wearing all white that day. We were all wearing darker clothing.

    Submitted by: Sarah Farmer <butrfly3012@googlemail.com>  

ghost reflection in sunglasses    Do you see the ghostly figure reflected in Sarah's Sun Glasses?

ghost reflection in sunglasses    Cropped and enlarged

The sinister looking dark face that Sarah was referring to can be seen on the upper right side of the lens.
ghost reflection in sunglasses   Enhanced for a better view.

Do you see how the anomaly seems to be leaning on a fence or bar? And even holding on to it!

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Posted: July 2015
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