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  Vintage Christmas Tree Spirit!
There's a second ghost/spirit also hiding in this vintage photo!
  This particular photo was taken in the very early 1900s. It has made it's rounds on the web but no one seems to be able to pinpoint the source or the story behind it. If you're a ghost enthusiast, you have probably seen this photo on the web at some point. It's an amazing capture of what appears to be a ghostly spirit coming out of a Christmas tree. I'm sure many would say it would be the perfect vintage photograph if it weren't for the ghost! But I say it's perfect because of the ghost, right?! There's also a second spirit image in the photo as well, so be looking for that as you scroll thru. Many would say this is a double exposure and that could very well be correct. It obviously has some of the tell-tale signs of that. And to help, we include a true double exposure photo to compare it to. So be sure to check that out as well.

Also see out editors comments below for more details


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ghost spirit christmas tree double exposure    A vintage photo with an extraordinary image of a male figure coming out of the tree!

Another strange thing in the photo: The wife is obviously tall, plus she's wearing 3 inch heels and married to a shorter man.  :)

PS... looks like some cool and expensive Christmas gifts for the kiddies!
ghost spirit christmas tree double exposure    A close-up of the ghostly figure in the tree. Can you see the second figure?
ghost spirit christmas tree double exposure    Do you see the image of a very young child? If not, Keep looking, you'll see it! :)
  Here's an example of a vintage double exposure. You should only be able to see the couple in the photo.
GhostStudy Editor's Comments:
The first thing we need to consider, is if this photo really is a double exposure. Meaning a combination of two photos in one picture. First of all, the figure in the tree would most likely be someone in the family. So if we can match the ghost to one of the two males, it's a double exposure for sure. The images on the wall however, are probably just developing errors and it looks like a chemical spill on the left wall. As we look closely, there does seem to be a resemblance to the two males in the photo. What do you think, is it a match? The other interesting feature is the figure of a young child that does actually take on the characteristic's of a ghost! And lastly, did you notice the tree figure appears to be naked?

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Here's a close-up of the child image...
    A close-up of the second figure. Eerie to say the least! It definitely doesn't seem to be related to anyone in the photo!

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Posted: August 2015
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