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  Peeping Ghost at Wedding!
It's in the distance but still caught on camera!

Wayne writes, This picture was taken at a recent wedding I photographed. Zoom in to gravestone on left hand side of photo for a view of a ghostly face. At first I suspected it was shadows from a tree or from church but on checking, the sun was on the other side of gravestone not behind the church or tree. The location was St Cuthberts Church in Billingham UK. It was a warm sunny day. We have photographed from this church countless times and have not seen any other such anomalies on film at that location. 

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Submitted by:
Wayne | wayne@amethyst-photography.org.uk
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wedding ghost lurking outside    Original photo with an arrow pointing to a peeking ghostly face in the distance.

The figure seems to be leaning over from just in front of a large Gravestone probably 50 feet away.
wedding ghost lurking outside    Brightened up a bit and zoomed in for a better look.
wedding ghost lurking outside    Enhanced and even more enlarged for the best view.
wedding ghost lurking outside    Wow! This is what happens when we do an extreme enlargement. We're loosing some critical detail but still interesting!

The glowing green line is just the side of the tombstone with the light reflecting off. Cool effect though.
GhostStudy Editor's Comments:
This is actually a photo from the GhostStudy email archives dated 9/10/2012. When I discovered it, I wrote the submitter (Wayne). I sent an email to his business email and he was quick to write back with more information. So I decided to publish this photograph 3 years later! ...Thanks Wayne!

See another ghost wedding photo below from 2008.

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Here's another wedding photo from our archives (2008)
wedding, shadow ghost, ghost, ghoststudy, haunted, spooky, real 

wedding, shadow ghost, ghost, ghoststudy, haunted, spooky, real
  This one was posted on GhostStudy.com in 2008. It appears to be a shadow ghost sitting at the table! And on the close-up photo, it looks a bit like a dark ghost in the mirror too!
Wedding Ghost

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Posted: August 2015
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