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Hello I have something to share with you. My son & his fiancé are expecting a baby in November. She showed me a picture of her Ultrasound picture on June 16. And I nearly fell down over when I saw this photo! I couldn't help to be disturbed by the face that I see! I also see another face, but the face to the right seems demon-like. This is the one in question? I really could use another pair of eyes on this one. Please, your opinion would be greatly appreciated. I have sent it to another website but have not heard back from them. They probably think that I'm playing w/them, but nope, it's a real untouched scanned photo from the hospital. The baby's mama isn't sure what to think, But there is obvious concern.

Owner/submitter: Carla
  Ultrasound with lot's of creepiness included
  Anomalies outlined
  GhostStudy Comments:
  We figured the faces were unusual enough to publish as an oddity. It kind of looks like a monster fest with lot's of creepy images displayed within. I think the darker image circled in purple creped me out the most. It looks like an animal with protruding nose (dog?). We're not experienced with ultrasound enough to even consider this supernatural, but we're posting it because of it suggested content. But for now, we should probably label the picture an illusion.

Three other amazing
captures caught on Ultrasound


Ultrasound of patient's testicles

When Canadian researchers recently conducted an ultrasound to examine a growth on a patient’s testicles, they expected to look at the mass, but didn’t expect the mass to be staring back.

It was almost like art coming out of this patient’s testicles,” said Dr. Naji Touma, an assistant professor of urology at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ont. “It was an amusing finding.”

Despite the image, however, Touma doesn’t suspect any divine presence.

Source:  -  2009

Baby Ultrasound

Yikes! It's always fun to get a 3d done early and marvel at the little monsters they resemble... This was my Ultrasound from March - 17 weeks or so. Opossum demon anyone?  _Mary

Completely real but just appears scary!

Scary Ultrasound. I think I'm having a evil clown baby!

Lol, the place where I had my 20 week anatomy scan had free 4d they tried and tried but couldn't get me a nice face shot because the baby was not co-operating the only shot they managed to get was this.

Another real ultrasound taken and is normal but looks creepy!

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 Just for fun... Let's hope it's just a stain on the basement wall :)


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