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Caught this while Skyping!

This was May of 2012. I was 'Skyping' with my boyfriend and saw something move in the background. I told him not to turn around and look at it, and I took these two screenshots within seconds. I see very little in the second one but in the first one there is definitely something in the doorway.

We wrote Carolyn for more info... and this was her reply
Yes, I believe that it is something significant. It Look like a woman in a dress to me. I believe in this kind of phenomena, especially after this experience. I recently bought a new laptop and was saving all my old pictures from my old laptop and was reunited with these two pictures as well. My boyfriend in the photo died two months ago after a tough battle with leukemia so my friends said maybe that's a guardian angel behind him? I don't know. This pic was two years prior to his diagnosis.

See GhostStudy comments down below!

Owner/submitter: Carolyn Day
Email: Not permitted
skyping ghost behind him haunted house 
  Ghost passing by the doorway
  haunted house ghost spooky apparation shadow 
  Enlarged and enhanced for better clarity
  This 2nd photo shows what appears to be only residual remains
  GhostStudy Comments:
  It was a treat to see Carolyn's pictures. This could very well be, as Carolyn suggests, something significant. Possibly an angel... but most likely a visiting spirit or live-in ghost. Of course we must also consider the possibility of a 'live' person passing by rather swiftly, but according to the witness, that's not a consideration. With that said, the anomaly in question, does actually have the characteristics and attributes of what could be considered ghostly and spiritual.  

Comparison photo:
ghost on the door haunted house
Here's a similar ghost photo also found on GhostStudy

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