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This photo was taken at the Bluff City Cemetery from "Nightmare on Elm Street 5" fame. Our tour group was in the foreground at the entrance to this active mausoleum, however look closely in the background - there's a girl ghost, standing by the tree, watching you! This is the original un-staged, untouched and unaltered photograph.

The rest of the story...
I took this picture on 8/24/13 at about 9.15pm local time during an Elgin Cemetery Tour in Illinois. In the foreground is a mausoleum that had reports of paranormal activity about it. But if you look closely in the background you will see an image of a girl next to a tree. The ghost did not show up on the camera display screen but I was able to see it after I downloaded it on to my computer. The picture was taken on my Nikon 3100, and I had it on the highest resolution setting. The photo is untouched, and still on my SD card.

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Owner/submitter: _Jacob
Email: Not permitted
ghosts Bluff City Cemetery Nightmare Elm Street 5 
  Photo capturing a ghost by a distant tree
  ghost Elgin Cemetery Tour photo picture 
  Enlarged... and slightly enhanced for better clarity
  Ghosts Bluff City Cemetery from Nightmare on Elm Street 5 fame 
  Another photo taken in the area
  Scene from the movie: Nightmare on Elm Street 
  GhostStudy Comments:
  This ghost was actually captured at a distance. So I had to enlarge quite a bit, as they suggested I do. And oh my heck!, there's the ghost hiding slightly behind a tree. I find it extremely fascinating that this is the "Bluff City Cemetery" where the movie "Nightmare on Elm Street 5" was filmed. That adds greatly to the appeal and to the scare factor.  :)

Comparison photo:

ghost cemetery apparition spooky
Here's a similar ghost photo also found on GhostStudy

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