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It's haunting my grandson!

Kathryn writes, "this is a picture of my grandson (Sean) in my daughters rented property, We thought there was something wrong when Sean would not settle in the bedroom. He just kept screaming, saying thereís a man in the room, his brother Brandon who is a bit older has also seen him. None of us were taking it too seriously until after their farther got married. This photo was taken of Sean wearing his pink wedding suit. His auntie took this pic with her cellphone. Upon closer inspection the dark misty face was noticed above Seanís head. And over a period of time, other strange things continued to happen, and they moved. Years later when there was a death in the family, a medium was brought in to see if they could make contact with the deceased. The interesting thing was, the medium mentioned their last house. She said, it was good that you moved out of that last house, as the spirit of a nineteen year old hung himself there and he just wanted to hurt children"

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Owner/submitter: M. Rowley
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.Shadow ghost head baby door haunted house
  Shadow ghost haunting Kathryn's grandson
  shadow ghost head enlarged haunted house 
  GhostStudy Comments:
  The anomaly is too obscured to make any definite  determinations. But by way of observation, and as we consider the background history, it would strongly point us in the direction of a probable haunting. .

Of course we have to also consider the possibility of something being thrown (stuffed animal, etc.) at the time of the photo snap. But unlikely considering the motion seems to be led away from the door... not up, down or across. In other words, it appears to be coming through the door.


.Comparison photo:
ghost in doorway real scary haunted house
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