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Leanne writes, "we were visiting the Queen Mary for my sonís birthday and were on the Haunted Encounters Tour which is a good straight tour, no theatrics or fake spooky voices. There were about 7 of us walking through the bowels of the ship, including the guide. As we were near the very bow of the ship we were walking back down some narrow dark passageways and this room was a small ante-room leading to a bigger corridor.  It was without lights, but the bigger corridor it led to shone some light into the room. Most of the light you see in the photo was from my flash. I was drawn to this corner, as the doors and everything were painted black, and I snapped off a shot. Beings I had a digital camera I saw the image show up straight away, but as the tour was moving on I had to dash off. There was no one in that small room with me when I took the photo. Note: I donít usually send such a big file but I figured you may like the larger file to inspect the details. I can vouch for the fact it hasn't been retouched or tinkered with in any way, just downloaded straight from an SD card to my pc."

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Owner/submitter: Leanne Cavanagh
Email: Not permitted
.haunted queen mary ship Los Angeles ca
  Captured on the Haunted Encounters Tour - Queen Mary
  haunted queen mary ship Los Angeles ca 
  Close-up! ...and mildly enhanced for clarity
  GhostStudy Comments:
  Another excellent encounter from the Queen Mary captured on film!.

.Comparison photo:
haunted Queen Mary Los Angeles CA
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