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  Candlelight Spirit!

My name is Crystal Gossett. My small paranormal research group was doing dead time in the bedroom where my father had passed away. Upon looking at the photos we realized that we had captured an apparition above the candle flame. Keep in mind that we are a research group, so nobody was smoking at the time because we did not want any false/positive evidence. The cigarette pack in the pic was placed there because it was his favorite brand and we used it as a prop to try and provoke. Thank you for your time and consideration of this photo.



Submitted by: Crystal Gossett
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  Do you see the face?
candlelight spirit ghost haunted   Enhanced version
    Close-up and enhanced for clarity. Pink tint added for effect.

Photo Comments:
I liked the idea of placing his dad's favorite cigarettes on the table to attract and entice. Judging by this photo, it seems to have worked.

We like the photo and as you can see, they went to a lot of trouble to create a conducive environment so as to capture evidence on film. So we really don't think it was photo-shopped. But if you, the viewer see something different, feel free to write us.

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Posted: November 2015
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