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  Eerie College Ghost 1931!

Karl writes, this may be of interest to you,


This is a photo of Magdalene College Dining Room, Cambridge University, taken in 1931.

There are two unexpected images in this photo, the obvious one in front of the door and another (less obvious) half-way up the stairs on the right. Potentially, there is also an orb in front of the stair-post at the bottom of this flight, although this could be anything. Initially, I though this may be a double or partial-exposure but the alignment of the two figures with the stairs would seem to be a great coincidence if it was double-exposure, and the light flares on the bannister rails and walls seem to show that this was taken with flash-photography, eliminating partial-exposure.
Another mild curiosity is that there appear to be some sort of finger-drag marks in dust on the table in the foreground.  The curiosity here, is that it would appear strange that a dining room of one of the most prestigious universities in the world would be allowed to get to a state where you could write in the dust on the tables, especially when they were being photographed (still a big deal in 1931). Let me know what you think, -Karl 


Submitted by: Karl
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ghost college 1931    Here's the close-up of the ghost and what appears to be finger markings on a dusty table.
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Photo Comments:
Karl summed it all up beautifully in his email to us.  ...thank you Karl!
This is one fascinating photo from the year 1931!

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Posted: June 2015
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