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  Shadow Ghost Photo-Shoot!

Amanda writes, I came home last night to this. I quickly took a picture to see if it would show up. My house was built in the 1930s and this isn't the first time we've seen these beings. My cat was very interested in this figure until I came in the house. Then he put himself between me and the door and was literally guarding me. I'm not a full believer in ghosts but I see what I've called 'shadow friends' in my house for years. They walk/float by and seem to look at me, even though they don't have facial features, then just move on. I saw this shadow being as I walked up to the door. And for the first time, it gave me the few seconds I needed to take this picture. Anyways, it was an interesting night to say the least. 

Submitted by: Amanda Thompson - Iola, Kansas
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shadow ghost being spirit real evil ghosts haunted    Shadow person Materializes long enough to have it's picture taken! Amanda was outside and walking up to the door when she noticed this tall shadow man standing in her kitchen.
shadow ghost being spirit real scary evil haunted    Here is full view of the kitchen and the Shadow being from where Amanda was standing.
shadow man ghost being cat   "My cat was very interested in this figure until I came in the house. Then he put himself between me and the door and was literally guarding me."


 This is the full size photo from the camera.
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GhostStudy Editor's Comments:

Amanda says the Shadow Beings in and around her house are fleeting for the most part. But with this particular episode, the Shadow person was there for up to 45 seconds. It either did not see her outside or it was allowing her to have this photo. Either way, we have a pretty cool photo capture!

How long have you been seeing shadow beings?
"When we first moved in 9 years ago, we'd hear things and I'd swear I saw shadows out by the fence all the time, but the only people I confided in told me it was just my imagination.  Over the years, I've had overnight guests and babysitters who swore they saw people walk by the kitchen into the living room or around the hallway when no one was there. I had one sitter who got so freaked out, she hasn't came back."

Are the beings always this tall?
No, sometimes they are very small like children BUT they're almost just like a brief dark shadow usually. They're there for a second and then gone, so I have always just blamed my imagination. But this last time, the figure lingered.

How is the overall feeling in the home?
I'm fine with it...but like I said, others get freaked out by it.

I asked Amanda if there had been any serious issues in her life since moving in to the house. By that, I meant health issues, money problems or even really bad luck. She confided in me that there had been what she would consider really bad luck (not to be divulged here). But she was not ready to blame the house or the ghosts.  

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Posted: June 2015
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