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  Crescent Hotel Ghost Tour!
It must just be a person, right? White us! mailbox@ghoststudy.com

Tom writes, I'm sending you two photos, before and after. my family and  I were at the Crescent Hotel Ghost Tour. I gave my daughter my camera so she could try to capture a ghost. After arriving back in New York, I went through all the photos we captured and there were a few suspicious looking anomalies. But the one I'm sending you is the creepiest. We took this photo during the Ghost Tour at the hotel. It appears to be a very short lady or ghost. The stair railings are waist high for the average person, I am 5'8 and they come to my hip. She/it seems so tiny and her head is just over the railing. Everything else in the picture seems clear in the photo but her face is distorted. The clothing she was wearing is not a normal outfit of our time and for July in 2014. She seems to be holding some kind of object maybe a lantern of some sort.. please tell me your thoughts!   

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Submitted by: Tom Parker
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    This shot was taken just before the ghostly image appeared on the stairs.

I added the thoughts of the two in the picture just for fun. I couldn't resist.  :)
haunted Crescent Hotel ghost tour    A very short person or a ghost sighting on the stairs.
    This photo was added from another source in order to give us an idea of the possible size of the stair figure. The head you see is actually taken from the stair anomaly itself. added for comparison.

Looks like a fun ghost tour!
crescent Hotel Ghost wall haunted scary   This one is believed to be the real deal.

Taken in August 2005 at the Crescent Hotel. SPIRIT Seekers were investigating the Hotel and caught this ghost figure on camera.


GhostStudy Editor's Comments:
We're still wondering about the figure on the stairs. We can't decide if
it's a very small person wearing strange clothing/PJ's or a ghost. But considering the Hotel is haunted, and this was a ghost tour, who knows
for sure. The SPIRIT Seekers photo (bottom) was taken during an investigation (not tour) and believed to be a true ghost experience captured on camera.

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Posted: July 2015
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