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  Ghost/Spirit in bed with Mark!

Mark writesÖ I have had this photo (attached) on my phone camera for about 3 weeks, however I have only just got around to sending it to you. This photo was taken by my girlfriend at the end of May, at about 6:30am in Rothwell Leeds while I was asleep. The photo was taken as a random photo of me asleep, however when we went to look at the phone camera, there appears to be a ghostly figure. All of our relatives have certainly said it is not my girlfriend (who is the one taking the photo). It appears to be wearing a blue shirt, and has makeup on. Are you able to give your thoughts? We have never come across anything like this before and it is quite interesting, albeit a bit spooky! Many thanks for any help you can offer. 

Submitted by: Mark Smith - m_smith1988@hotmail.com
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    This is the original photo as it was sent to us. Very small and dark. 
ghost girl in bed haunted mark    Here it is Cropped and enlarged.

Did you notice the female figure next to Mark is twice his size! We're talking abnormally large!
ghost spirit girl female mark bed    Lightened the photo to the max for the best possible view
    Here's the worst case scenario when a ghostly entity shows up in your bed.  :)
GhostStudy Editor's Comments:

Mark doesn't expect anyone to believe the evidence that's displayed here. And the only reason he believes it himself, is because he was there!

I have gone back and forth in emails with Mark about his photo and he seems genuinely concerned and also convinced that this is a supernatural occurrence. And as you may have noticed, the female figure in the bed seems to be abnormally large in comparison to Mark, who is sleeping. And itís especially creepy the way she is staring up at the girlfriend who took the photo! If I had taken this photo, I would be very concerned. Is it true..? I think itís definitely in the running. Of course we can never completely rule out photo manipulation but in my opinion thatís not the case. The question then is, what would be the reasoning for this supernatural intruder to appear in such a way? Was she trying to scare the girlfriend away? Is it a guardian Angel? Let us know what you think.

Well, at least the visitor doesn't seem threatening, right?

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  Can't help but think, maybe this was a possible mistress involved with Mark, possibly took a photo while he was asleep. This seems to far fetched to be true. Just a thought. _Ebbco Tech
  It looks to me like the 'ghost' is a printed pillowcase or something that he's lying against. It looks real - colorful and solid - and flat, as printed textiles do. Just my two cents. :-)   -Sarah Bartholomew <sarahb2@bex.net

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Posted: July 2015
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