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  Haunted Nightclub Entity!

Louise writes, I would like to see what you think about the attached pic. I took it last week in a nightclub (which used t be a big picture house in Glasgow). When I looked closer there seems to be a big black mark over the top of my friends face.  Because of the style of building, the ceilings are very high so there was no chance that anything was hanging over her face, it just seems to appear out of nowhere in the picture.  What do you think?? Also we were at a table on our own and no one was near us that could have accidently been caught in the photo. Many Thanks. 

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Submitted by:  Louse
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shadow ghost girl bar haunted glasgow    Do you see the image of a Shadow Ghost in the hair of this woman?
shadow ghost girl bar haunted glasgow    Here's the enlargement
shadow ghost girl bar haunted glasgow    Brightened and color removed.

Do you see the dark shadow head?
shadow ghost girl bar haunted glasgow    Shadow ghost head/face highlighted
    The O2 ABC is a nightclub and music venue on Sauchiehall Street, in the centre of Glasgow, Scotland's largest city. The building was constructed in 1875, renovated many times in its lifetime and also largely rebuilt in the 1920s.

GhostStudy Editor's Comments:
In my studies, bars and Nightclubs are an especially welcome environment for a variety of entities, simply because those drinking alcohol are heavily compromised. We also need to consider that this building was constructed in 1875, which makes this structure over 140 years old! So much history to consider! Is it haunted? How could it not be!  :)

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Posted: June 2015
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