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Lauren writes, I was at the historic Wawona Hotel in Yosemite, CA and had my picture taken near the window. Later looking at that picture I saw an odd shape in the upper left hand corner of the window beside me. The next day I asked the person at the lobby if the place was haunted and she admitted that some people think so. When I showed her the picture she immediately said it was a spider web... However I double checked and could see that the windows were spotless where I took the picture just as I remembered them from the night before. Also there was nothing hanging down outside or anywhere!! Do you see what I see?!  Thanks! :) -Lauren   

Submitted by:
Lauren Hemming - laurenhemming@ucla.edu
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ghost in window wawona hotel haunted scary    Here's the photo Lauren sent of herself with three separate cropped images of the same face.
ghost in window wawona hotel haunted scary    Here's a slightly enhanced version of the same photo. Lauren cropped the photo into three versions of the same face and made them into a collage.
haunted window wawona hotel ghost scary    Enlarged section of the face. Do you see the teeth?
ghost in window wawona hotel haunted scary    This is a photo taken at the Wawona Hotel, where the picture was taken.

Hotel is said to be haunted.
    The Hotel is located in Yosemite National Park.

Be sure to hear more about the hotel ghosts in this 2 minute video!


GhostStudy Editor's Comments:
Unless this ghost capture turns out to be a cell phone ghost App, we think it might actually have merit. It's a bit rare to see teeth, so that just adds to the mystery and makes the photo even more intriguing. Be sure to watch the video above for more about the ghosts at this haunted hotel... interesting stuff!

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Posted: July 2015
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