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My niece owns a house in Lyme Regis, England. She spent new years eve with friends visiting the oldest pub/hotel in Lyme and took a series of pictures showing everyone enjoying themselves and for posting on FaceBook later that evening. What she captured was pretty amazing. Firstly, let me explain that they were sitting in a closed area of the bar, where to the left of the picture there is an outside wall with no doors. From the other pictures taken at the time it is fairly evident that no one else was sitting close to them or behind. Yet this one picture clearly shows some kind of form which is not well defined in terms of shape, but seems to be very solid nonetheless.  

She also told me that they also all spotted a "wisp of smoke" over the table, much like you'd get when you blow out a candle. However (you've guessed it), there was no candle. When she went to try and touch it, it disappeared. 

The pub/hotel was the "Royal Lion" in "Broad Street" and has some reputation for sightings of ectoplasm and the sound of bodiless foot steps.

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Owner/submitter: Gary Sherman
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shadow ghost couple photo bomb 
  And enormous ghostly appearance caught on film behind this cute couple 
  large shadow ghost couple scary  
  Here's a look at the hotel/pub where this took place
  GhostStudy Comments:
  I guess it's safe to assume that this is either a rather large sized Shadow Ghost caught on film, or just as unlikely, someone wearing an ape costume and photo-bombing the couple. Either way, the intent was to obviously be in the photo, which is unusual for a ghost. But hey... no one's complaining.  :)

Comparison photo:

Here's a similar ghost photo also found on GhostStudy

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