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I went bicycling when i spotted an abandoned stable like 5km from my home. It looked really old, maybe from the soviet union times. I just wanted to explore and felt the need to take some photos with my cell phone. At one time, the area was meant to hold pigs. And there was a room to the side where someone could live. The shocking part was when I later viewed the pictures, I found this presence lurking in the rafters on two separate pics!

See GhostStudy comments down below!

Owner/submitter: Ervin Punkar
  ghost in rafters spirit haunted
  1st photo - Image of a ghost in the rafters!
  ghost in the rafters spirit lurking haunted 
  2nd photo - capture of the same ghost but slightly different position!
  close up ghost in rafters haunted 
  Extreme enlargement of the 1st photo.
  close up ghost in rafters spirit haunted  
  Extreme enlargement of the 2nd photo. Much clearer than the 1st.
  GhostStudy Comments:
  If Ervin had only submitted one picture, we wouldn't have been able to post it. But since the second photo collaborates with the first, and shows movement of the face from one picture to the next, it gave us the comparison we needed. We even see what might be the hand of the ghost in the first photo but not in the second. We're thinking that the ghost must have a pretty strong attachment to this location and maybe other ghosts as well. As for why the ghost was in the rafters... we're pretty sure it was hiding from the camera. But hiding up high obviously didn't work in this case! Maybe a good lesson for all ghost hunters, always take high shots as well!
Note: the two photos were lightened quite a bit by the photographer/owner after the fact. Ervin's only light source on site was the flash.

So if this is a ghost, and we think it just might be, then we have a very cool and very rare capture!

As usual, we have to consider other possibilities such as illusion/paeidolia. Could it simply be an illusion created by the timber and darkness of the area at the time? We certainly can't rule it out completely. But hey, we did our job by presenting it. Now it's up to you to run your own analysis and decide for yourself.


ghost in attic spirit haunted
Another example of a ghost in a high place (attic).

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