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Kevin writes, "Hi, I live in Old Bridge N.J. This is an image that set off my motion detection security. It is very odd. We have been experiencing strange things over the past few weeks, and in June my youngest brother died a sudden unexpected death. We are wondering if it could be him. Don't get me wrong, we are not looking for contact or answers or anything like that. But if you were to ask anyone who knew my brother, They would say, if there was a way to get through to us he would find it..and I do believe that. We would really appreciate your opinion on this."

We at GhostStudy wrote Kevin back with some additional questions. His response is below...

Kevin responds, "Hi, thank you for replying. As for your first question, it was captured on home security which was set on motion detection. If it picks up movement, it will snap a series of 6 pictures. The first photo shows the image and the next 5 were normal. Also, you asked about a flash, there is no flash, it was taken in the afternoon but it has infrared for the night. In response to your question about why I have the security, I have the security set up just for that reason, security."


See GhostStudy comments down below!

Spirit ghost entering and leaving the room! 
  Caught this with a surveillance camera activated by motion
  ghost in the room!
  Close-up - Comes out of the wall, turns around and then back to the wall
  GhostStudy Comments:
To us, it looks like it's coming in from the wall, making contact with the dresser, then quickly turns around and exits back through the wall.

I think we can reasonably rule out dust or other airborne particles in front of the lens at the time, either that, or Justin would have his security camera activated and taking pictures continually! So unless someone has a better idea, I think we may just have to list this intruder as a supernatural presence, or maybe even a deceased visitor! Does it make you want to go out and buy a similar security system? It does me!

Here's the travel direction of the ghost!
Arrows show the direction it was traveling

Six pictures in the series
Here are the original 6 captures taken. They were triggered by motion in the room. As Kevin explained, if the security camera picks up any type of motion, it will snap a series of six pictures. And these are the six that were captured. And we list them below in the order in which they were taken. As you will notice, only the first picture captured the image in question.

No. 1


No. 3

No. 4


No. 6

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