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Not sure if this is a ghost by the cage but it sure gave us a fright when we saw the photo! The picture was taken last summer on August 2nd, 2013. The little girl standing on the trampoline is my daughter and the little boy running near the ghostly figure is my son. Could our yard be haunted? Any help you can offer would be much appreciated.

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Owner/submitter: Jessika Worcester
ghost in the backyard! 
  Ghostly figure by the dog kennel - circled in red
  close up ghost spirit in yard! 
  GhostStudy Comments:
It looks like a ghostly figure up against a dog kennel in the background, right? And that could very well be the case! But to be professional, we need to consider all aspects of the photo. One observation is that the little boy seems to be running in the general direction of the figure. If that's true, then it could be a living relative and the boy is actually running towards him. And with that in mind, the shadows, the distance away and man's particular clothes could in fact give the illusion of a ghost. At least that's a possibility to consider. To me, if it is a ghost, it looks a bit like a ghost man sitting down and he's holding a child that is standing in front of him.

It's fun to speculate, but we can't really reach any definite conclusions with this particular photo. We would love to hear your comments though. Write us at:

Comment from Elle - Forum name: Ectoplazzum
Now, I am wondering if the thing that looks like a humanoid figure could be a combination of "stuff" piled up alongside the kennel, coupled with a dog IN the kennel standing on his hind legs ready to greet the kid who is running towards him.  There are just way too many unknowns with this picture, coupled with the fact that it's a grainy mess to start off with. So any chance of getting a clear look at it is just not possible.  

spirit visitor in the yard
Extreme close-up - Unfortunately we lost quality

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