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Jay writes, "This was taken during my brothers wedding weekend in Las Vegas. We rented a house for the wedding. The address was: *Address Removed*. At the time it was around 10:30 maybe 11:00 pm on Oct. 26th 2013. I went down to the Spa by myself and I was waiting for my girlfriend to join me. We never could figure out how to turn on the pool lights and there were no lights for the Spa that I could find. When I was in the spa I felt like someone was pulling my thighs to drag me into the water. So I quickly jumped up and grabbed my iPhone. I aimed at the water and started snapping pictures. I didn't realize I caught something on film until I returned home the next night. I was looking through all my pictures from the wedding and there were 4 or 5 pictures of that night. So I made sure not to delete this particular one until I could take a better look. Upon closer examination, I can clearly see a figure looking up at me! And it has features like a human! Let me know If you guys need more information.


See GhostStudy comments down below!

Owner/submitter: Jay Shunk
ghost in the spa! 
  Face in the water with glowing body!
  ghost in the water! 
  Close-up of the entity in the water
  GhostStudy Comments:
  I guess the big question is, was there or was there not a light in the Spa that night? And if so, could it have created this type of illusion in the water? The photo is actually pretty detailed in the face. And we can see a clear shoulder along with an arm going down into the water. So it is a rather amazing capture. But I really wish we would have been able to confirm if there were a light or not. Maybe I'll try writing Jay one last time and see if I can get the owners number for this rental home. He/she would be able to confirm a light or not. If there's no light, I would then have to suggest a true capture of a ghost.

ghost face in the water!
Here's another picture showing an entity
in the water. It's a popular one on the web.

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