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  Ghost of an Alien - Area 51!

Boyd Dushan, a retired scientist working at Area 51 revealed top secrets about aliens shortly before his death on August 7, 2014. He also shared a picture of a ghost alien captured on camera by accident! The summery goes like this… Boyd’s friend (name not disclosed) was caring for an alien at Area 51 and the alien died. And within a few days, this picture of the man was taken. And low and behold, the ghost of this Alien appears with the man in the picture! Friends reunited again! Boyd says there are tell-tale signs that it is indeed the alien in the ghost picture. It’s an amazing capture to be sure! We have seen plenty of human ghosts caught on film… but now here’s the first Alien to be captured as a ghost!

Here’s the full story… it’s a compelling video! Click Here  .


Submitted by: Boyd
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  Here's the photo as he displays it on his video.
  Here's the enlargement
  He also shows us a picture of an actual Alien at Area 51

Note: the video and this page might mysteriously go down without notice, so enjoy it while you can
    Close-up with a side view. 

Photo Comments:
This is all so intriguing! It's the most compelling UFO/Area 51 video we've seen. And an Alien Ghost capture to boot! ...doesn't get any better than this!  :)

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Posted: November 2014
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