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  Creepy figures on Castle Grounds!

Richard Jones took a picture of his five-year-old niece, Amy, at Tamworth Castle Grounds in Staffordshire. He didn’t notice the odd figures until after reviewing the picture at his home later on. Richard says, what’s strange is the figures are colorless. Two figures possibly dressed in chainmill holding something bright in their hands. Another person can be seen walking by in a red shirt. Richard also mentions they were just walking through the Castle grounds when Richard snapped some pictures of his niece with the geese. And he says it was strange because he took a series of pictures but this is the only photo that shows these strange figures. Richards says he's been back a few times to take pictures but nothing unusual showed up on film. 

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Submitted by: Tony
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castle ghost on grounds    A photo of two strange figures in the background.
ghost figures on castle grounds    Here's a super enlargement
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  This photo was taken from our photo gallery from
one-year ago.

Photo Comments:
Some interesting oddities with the photo are that the larger figure seems to have a protruding neck and a strange right foot. And what the heck are they carrying? It almost looks like a mirror. And lastly, we must consider the fact that the person in the red shirt that is heading towards the figures looks normal.
Note: The figures are actually too far away to make an accurate assessment but it's fun to consider the possibilities.

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Posted: November 2014
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