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  Ghost Woman in Cottage!

Christy writes, This picture was taken in 1997 in my uncles cottage in Syracuse, New York. I used a disposable camera. No flash was used and it was low natural lighting. I was simply trying to take a picture of my Uncles dog. Nothing else unusual happened during my trip. We have no idea why this ghost woman would show up in the photo or even who it might be for that matter. We hope you can make sense of it. It's still a hot topic of conversation within our family, even after all these years!

Note: This photo was in our archives for two years. And because of that, we are no longer able to contact Christy at the original email. So with regret we can no longer ask additional questions concerning this photo.

Submitted by: Christy
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ghost woman in attic dog
Original photo just as it was submitted
  This is the original photo untouched by us. We only added a watermark.
ghost woman in attic dog    We enhanced the photo in order to bring out as much detail as possible.

Photo Comments:
Very cool photo... and if authentic, it would be considered an extremely rare capture indeed! I was hoping the dog was staring at the ghost but it's probably just looking at Christy, hard to tell though from the photo. We are also wondering about the image to the right. It looks like an arm, shoulder and a head leaning forward? If anyone has any ideas about that please let us know. As a side note, the photo was taken 17 years ago. And by the looks of it, we are seeing a picture taken of the original picture, which would explain the top portion. So these things listed above, and the low light issue have affected the quality of the photo to some degree, unfortunately. Impressive capture though and definitely one for the books!

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Posted: November 2014
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