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  Portly Ghost in the Attic!

This is the house (museum) of Dr Edward Jenner, who was born in 1749, who is credited with inventing vaccination. He specifically invented the smallpox vaccine.
This set of pictures were taken by a photographer at the “House in Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England.” The picture displays a portly ghostly man setting between the two beds. The photographer noticed the image straight away through the LCD screen but could see nothing with his eyes. He retook the picture several times from the same exact position with no ghostly image. There may also be an image of a female to the left as well. No tours were ever offered in that attic up to that time… but since then, ghost tours of the attic were created. The staff believes it to be one of Dr Jenner's servants who lived in the attic rooms in the early 1800’s.  

Note: “House in Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England.”

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Ghost in the atticEnlarged view   Enlarged view of a portly ghost appears to be sitting comfortably in a chair between the two beds
    A second photo reveals no ghost and no chair!
    These were the actual panoramic photos that were taken. One with a ghost and one without.

Photo Comments:
Some may suggest a trick of light but I don't abide by that theory. Excellent capture!

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Posted: October 2014
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