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  Dog Playing with Globule (orb)!

They write, My pug started barking at the couch. So I grabbed my phone and started taking pictures. Just as I snapped the first picture, I saw this light move from the couch to the front of the dog. It moved quicker than my brain could process it. I could only could see it through the LCD viewer of my camera, not with naked eye. This has happened before. My pugs always alerts me. Should I be scared?

Note: Here's a link to a similar 'dog and orb' experience caught on film!


Submitted by: Withheld
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  The photo was much to big, so we chopped it for the best view.
pug dog sees ghost    Enlarged view of the Pug seeing the speeding globule! The eyes are right on it!

Photo Comments:
Speeding orb trying to get the attention of the dog... and it worked!
I love the fact that the dogs eye is right on it! ...Cool capture!

Not a Ghost? ...what do you think then?

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Posted: November 2014
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