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  Sneaky Phantom on the deck!

They write... "I took a picture of my son and his girlfriend awhile back. And recently, I was looking at the photo again and I noticed something very strange and creepy. It looks like a creature staring in through the back door! That is our covered back deck. We still don't know what this is. Our property however does join a cemetery. We have shown this photo to many others and most are freaked out. Your interpretation would be greatly appreciated."

Note: A similar ghost/phantom from our gallery:

Submitted by: Withheld
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ghost phantom outside watching from window    Do you see the sneaky ghost in the window?

Faces were blocked by request
ghost in window    Close-up of what looks like a phantom ghost.

Hey, but at least it's outside!
ghost in car    This is a similar ghost image from our gallery. Maybe we can eventually define a rare ghost type with photo captures like this and the one above!

Photo Comments:

We can't get over how much it resembles the "Ghost in the Car" photo from our gallery. Did you see the facial features...and are those teeth in the enlarged middle photo?! Cool capture!

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Posted: November 2014
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