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Cemetery in Alpine Utah...YIKES!
Jared writes, I took this picture in the upper (oldest) part of the cemetery in alpine Utah. After taking these pictures, I almost deleted them but my mom saw something in one of them. I am sending the original and the close up. These are 100% real, you can clearly see a lady looking down and a child hiding behind her dress looking straight at me.

Check the GhostStudy comments down below for additional dialog I had with Jared concerning this photo.

Owner/submitter: Jared
  Image of a woman and possibly a child in the Alpine Cemetery
  Extreme close-up
  GhostStudy Comments:
  When I first received this photo, I was like many of you, saying to myself. It's just too amazing to be true. But after examining the data attached to the photo (we can do that these days), It clearly states there were no modifications or alterations made. It even stated the time the photo was taken and if a flash was used, etc.

While studying the photo, I found it interesting that the woman appears to be looking down at the child (boy?), as if to comfort him as he peers towards the photographer. And in spite of the darkness and photo noise, we are able to see a fairly good image of the apparition (woman). For instance, full head of hair, thin boney left arm, attractive dress and even distinct facial features. So I think we can rule out illusion for sure. And manipulation is unlikely. A smart phone 'ghost app' I guess could be a possibility. But other than that, I think we might have something worthy of our consideration.

So just to make it clear, I'm not saying this is an authentic ghost photo, I'm just suggesting that the evidence is pointing in that direction. Cool photo!  ;)

Correspondence with Jared concerning his photo:

After receiving Jared's email, I wrote him back with some of my concerns, and here is his response:

Jared writes... No, it is 100% real. I swear on my mothers life. My mother was there when I took that picture and she will say just as I am that nothing was there when I took the picture. And this is what showed up when we were looking through the pix the next day.


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