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Rock Star Ghost on the deck!

Dennis writes, We bought our house in 1988 and the first day we were there I went into the kitchen to grab a snack, my wife was in bed at the time. I walked out of the kitchen and something grabbed me and held me for a few minutes. I couldn’t move so I knew that there were things in the house I couldn’t explain. I have taken 100s of pictures of the house in the 22 yrs we owned the house and the activity was always there. It is a very active house and over the years I saw many portals open up in walls and cupboards etc.

Owner/submitter: Dennis
Dennis writes, I was outside on my deck taking a picture
of the orange moon rising on the horizon with nothing in
front of me but the moon and this appeared instead!
Either transforming the moon or blocking it, I know not.
Note: the moon was the target so we can't rule out motion
  Close-up - Looks like a Rock Star performing on Stage
Dennis writes, The picture of the lady on my deck was
taken from inside the house. I was shooting the sun
reflecting on the windows and upon looking there she was!
  GhostStudy Comments:
  The Rock Star ghost looks like he/she is nude and performing on stage while rocking out! Head leaning back and with hair in dreadlocks (my opinion). Of course we can't overlook the fact that this could actually be a elaborate display of motion blur since the moon was the original target. The second photo gives the appearance of an obscure presence in the window. And if it's not a live person or object, we might have something here. Overall, these are fascinating captures of what could be evidence of the haunting that Dennis describes.

Other photos shared by Dennis

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