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Extremity out of her stomach!
Rebecca writes, I took this photo of the stairs at Matfen hall, UK. There appears to be some sort of twig like arm between two of my friends. We only realized this upon looking through the photos afterwards. I am sure its not one of their arms and it's at an unnatural angle. Could it be a fault with the photograph? I took the picture with an Iphone 4s. I hope you find it of interest,
Owner/submitter: Rebecca
  Something coming out of her stomach
  Extreme close-up
  GhostStudy Comments:
  We don't know what this could be, it's very odd!

Unfortunately there is a bit of blur that is affecting a completely accurate analysis of this photo, We're wondering about the building itself, in that it might suggest a history of strange occurrences. We did however find this on Wikipedia. "The hotel is renown for its haunted activity and has appeared on the UK's Most Haunted program.

Note: Some are writing in and suggesting that this woman might be holding a baby with an out stretched leg. So considering the blur, this has to be a definite possibility.

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