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Face of Dead Mother-In-Law in Ultra Sound!

A pregnant woman was shocked when she viewed the results of her ultrasound. The face of her dead mother-in-law was staring back at her from within the picture. Upon returning home and showing her husband, he immediately recognized the ghostly image as his mother. Mom had died just four months earlier. And now she seems to be back and watching over the baby from within the womb. The photo below of the mother had been taken within months of her dying. They say the ghostly image looks too much like her to be a coincidence. Compare the photos below for yourself. The daughter is now three years old and both family and friends believe Grandma is still watching over her and their family.

Article source
Owner/submitter: Ken
  Compare Grandma to the ghostly image... they appear to be a match
  Image of mother-in-law appears to show up in the ultrasound
A second capture that was also taken
  GhostStudy Comments:
resemblance to the mother-in-law is uncanny. It's a fantastic story and with some rather compelling photos!

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