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Real Ghost coming through!

Jeff sent us several photos of what appear to be supernatural beings taken with his camera at this vacant Sanatorium. We'll attach a link to those photos in the next few days. This one however, was captured on film by his brother when touring the building with an environmental protection agency in the summer of 2011.

It's not that often that someone captures a ghost this clear on film. And by the way, ghosts have a different way of looking out a window, they simply poke their head right through the glass!

We are not to disclose the location of this building. The structure is just to neglected & dangerous. I won't even post the general location, well, other than to say it's in the USA. If your are a producer and interested in filming this building for Television, then you can contact Jeff (submitter) or myself.

Owner/submitter: Jeff
  ghost in window scary spooky
  Very rare capture of a ghost on film
  ghost in window scary spirit spirit
  ghost in window
  Extreme Close-Up
There appears to be a robed figure in the left window as well
  ghosts in both windows
Highlighted image in left window
  GhostStudy Comments:
Jeff sent several photos from this Sanatorium to us, but we figured this one deserved a page to itself. There's always the risk of trickery but we're thinking this capture is the real deal.

It's actually a treat to receive a ghost photo that can display this kind of dimension. And this photo definitely meets that requirement. Again, we aren't to give the location of this building for security reasons. It's an especially unsafe structure and it would also be illegal to enter without permission. So no thrill seekers please! I'll be writing a couple of Cable producers that I am in contact with about possibly filming this building in an overnight investigation. Jeff feels that we should be able to get permission for something like that.

Watch for more photos from this Sanatorium coming soon.




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