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  Ghost Appears in 1922 Sedan!

Christy writes, I took all 3 of these pictures consecutively. No one else was there but me at the time! You should notice in the 2nd pic that there appears to be someone sitting in the backseat and looking directly at me taking the pic! I took these about a month ago but just realized whatever that is was sitting in the backseat looking like he was taking a Sunday drive! I just wanted to share it with you. And the car is for sale, hence, the reason for the pictures. 

Note: Write us here at GhostStudy if you're interested in buying this haunted car... it's for sale! We'll help you get in touch with the owners.

Submitted by: Christy
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1922 Dodge Brothers Sedan    This is the first picture with no visible signs of a ghost in the backseat
    This second photo shows a ghost in the backseat! A creepy one at that!
ghosy in car    Here's an enlargement of the second photo with the ghost sitting in the backseat!

Note: The red area is a reflection of a tool cabinet.

Photo Comments:
The Car is located at Moffitt Automotive in Evansville Indiana. Christy has invited me to come see the car and take pictures! And I might just do that in the near future. When a capture like this is obtained, there's always the hope of obtaining more evidence and that's exciting to think about! The car is For Sale incase you're looking for a haunted Sedan!

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Posted: October 2014
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