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This picture was taken by the son of my niece, a 6 year old boy. The evening of august 17, 2012 the child played with his mom's mobile phone camera and started taking pictures in the dark randomly. After a few shots the mom took back the phone and asked the child to go to bed. The following day she started to delete the pictures and in one of the frames this is what she saw. Really creepy!

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Owner/submitter: David
  Original Photo
  Slightly enhanced for better clarity
  Right side up (flipped)
  GhostStudy Comments:
  UPDATE: Photo found to be fraudulent
See our forums to find out how the members reached this conclusion.

I wrote David about my concerns as well as those that I knew the viewers would have with this photo... and here is David's response:

Thank you for responding to my e-mail.  

1. No Photoshop was used because my niece is not a Photoshop user, unless she asked someone to do it for her.

2. I don't think there are lighting effects because it was taken only by a mobile phone and not DSLR high tech cameras unfortunately I do not know the model or brand of the phone. I will try to get more info on the phone.

3. The photo was transferred to my mobile phone via Bluetooth and from my phone to my computer then from my computer I sent it to your site. 

4. You will also notice that the image is slightly inverted. We do not know the position of the camera, if it is on normal upright position or angled towards the ceiling. This probably means that the entity is not subject to our physical/natural laws like gravity.

5. The  photo was taken by her 6 year old son in a dark room (pitch black was the description she used). 

5. Even before the picture was taken my niece said that she feels there's always someone watching them in their house.

6. For the privacy of the person I can only say the general location where the picture was taken. Quezon City, Philippines. 

I am not a computer expert nor a Photoshop user. I too am curious as to the authenticity of the photo. As far as I know this picture is genuine by all means feel free to have it analyzed.

See what they are saying about this photo on the Message Board Forums. Click here!

Your thoughts would be most welcome!
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  UPDATE: Photo found to be fraudulent
See our forums to find out how the members reached this conclusion.

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