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Hello my name is Mike from Norwalk CA. I would like to share a ghost image that I took on the Queen Mary. It has opened my eyes and interest into the world of the paranormal. Any feedback or theories would be appreciated. I am including the original with my wife cropped out. If you need the the un-cropped image just let me know. Taken on 2/21/11 @ 5:20 pm in the engine room of the RMS Queen Mary. The area was empty other than us being there. I was taking a picture of my wife against the opening of the engine room. We then reviewed the photo on the camera screen afterwards, and that's when  when we noticed something on the cross walk to the right. As we zoomed in, we could see what appeared to be a person running by. But we knew no one was there or they would have had to go by us! As I zoomed in closer it starts to look like an amorphous type mass almost like a gas or smoke. Still closer and we could make out a face with color! And under even closer examination, we could see what appears to be a large grin with teeth!  Once I was able to transfer this onto the computer we noticed even more detail including red eyes, you can even make out the pupil. And it looks like the face is in 2 positions, a side profile looking to the right and at the same time possibly looking directly at us, maybe noticing me taking the picture. It only seems to be about 3 to 4 feet tall if you compare to the railing. The odd thing is, it looks as if it's moving fast, but it's face is barely blurred. And still has defined edges as if it was froze for that second and said cheese! Another thing we noticed was there is a pink blob in front of the face. She/it is looking eye to eye with it. But that may just be our thoughts on it. So there you have it. To us, this appears to be an actual ghost or shadow being and one of the clearest I have ever seen with this kind of detail! We were there on a wwii tour and are very new to the paranormal. We would appreciate any feedback you might offer.

Jim's Note: Mike's email was misfiled by us, so we never actually saw this photo and his email until now, 16 months later... sorry Mike!

Owner/submitter: Mike
  Full picture but with Mike's wife cropped out
  Extreme Close-up
  Another photo taken in the same location but without a ghost
  GhostStudy Comments:
  To us here at GhostStudy, it is a remarkable and compelling capture. One of the exciting things about this ghost is the fact that it has the definition of a shadow figure but yet a colorful head and hair. The back of the head however, has shadowy hair but not so in the front, which we find interesting. I guess we would have to label this as a Shadow Ghost with style! We don't have an explanation for this occurrence other than what seems obvious. Thanks goes to Mike for sharing this extraordinary capture with us!

Mike's response to my email:
I appreciate the response. I look back on this email and recall the excitement of the situation and how this has changed a our lives in a big way. Since this first experience we have returned to the location about 15 times with the intent of collecting additional images. After the first couple of visits and endless conversations with people we started taking Digital recordings and have been able to capture a good amount of interesting audio phenomena. This photo had definitely changed our way or thinking about our existence and this unseen world around us. Thank you again and we look forward to this posting and the response it may receive. Please feel free to share any feedback as we look forward to others interpretations.

Enhanced version.. and with noise removed

What looks like a hand on the lower left is part of the ship.

Your thoughts would be most welcome!
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This is an actual haunted house in Sacramento CA. We here at GhostStudy took this photo. However, the ghost was added in just for fun..  :)

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